We at KML Security & K9 Services LTD, are proud to announce that in the near future we will have our own in-house K9 training facility, along with a Classroom for the theory side and a acre of land fenced off and secure for the practical side of the course, while also having other locations in and around surrounding area to provide scenario training for specialist K9 handling roles i.e narcotics and pyrotechnic detection. We offer level 2-3 NTIPDU courses, Kerry is currently under going her assessors course and then aiming to achieve her trainers certification.

As K9 handlers we pride our self's on the appearance and welfare of our K9, we provide regular CT (Compulsory Training) to keep our Handlers and they're K9's at the top of their game and up to date with any changes to legislation. While also providing a area to exercise and further train your K9.

So if you have a interest in the K9 side of security feel free to send us a email or call us, we are more then happy to speak to you and train you if it is something you have a interest in, We have K9 handlers who are more then happy to come and speak to you about they're experience working with K9's compared to regular guarding work, and they will answer any questions you may have.

With the recent changes within the economy the need for K9's and handlers are more sort after then general guards, so within this avenue there is more benefits to being a handler.