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Before you read all about KML Security Ltd, ask yourself a few questions:

Does my business NEED security?

Will my business BENEFIT from using security?

Will I be able to afford to use a security company?

Have I been a victim of theft/vandalism?

Do you want to have peace of mind knowing your business/premises/venue/event will be in the best possible hands to be a success?

We have staff who will advise you on every aspect of security. We will not advise using extra staff just to get more money from you. We will give you an accurate risk assessment & advise you of the service that would best suit your needs.

Our risk assessments/consultations are free of charge and we strongly advise you use this service BEFORE you commit to any security company.

KML Security Ltd is a family owned & run business based in Neath, South Wales.

Our director Kerry Lawrence has many years experience in the security industry & has worked all over England in the past before moving to South Wales.

She has a Close Protection license so we can look after your business and/or your VIP in a professional discreet manner.

Kerry and others are qualified as Level 2 GP dog handlers & KML Security Ltd has Level 2 General Purpose Protection Dogs. (see our team page for more details). We also have drug detection dogs should your job need it. We also have other dog handlers.

We believe in working closely with our clients to tailor a security solution to suit each business/client individually. No two clients want the same thing & we take this into account when we consult with you.

We have built a reputation for being a dependable/reliable company & we are confident we can cater to your needs. No job is too big or too small here at KML Security Ltd & we value each and every customer.

So if you have a pub that requires two door supervisors/access supervisors or a larger venue that needs upwards of 10 security supervisors, KML Security Ltd is the company for you. Jump to our "our team" page to meet just a few of our key security officers. We do have more staff but respecting their privacy we have not included them on the 'team' page.

We pride ourselves on our due diligence regarding our staff, they are vetted meticulously & have had their work experience confirmed. We have different uniforms for different venues. For a casual pub for example we wear shirt/tie & jacket all KML Security Ltd logo'd. For weddings/private parties our staff wear suits which allows us to blend in with your guests/visitors. For construction/warehouse/yard sites we have hi viz jackets & casual uniform. We supply all our staff with radios, ear pieces etc. If searches are required we have security wands to search people & 'clickers' to control volume of entrants to a venue for Health & Safety/fire drill purposes.

We have both male & female staff and all are trained to the highest standard by both KML Security and the SIA*

We offer everything from VIP Close Protection to construction site security. We offer value for money & we are fully public liability insured.

We now offer security dog services as Kerry and others are qualified dog handlers & we have German Shepherd patrol dogs. We currently work several security dog jobs. It might be worth noting that on times it is actually CHEAPER to employ a dog and a handler than a single security guard. Contact us and we can discuss your needs. Dogs are a very effective deterrent as they have more physical presence than a singular guard.

We have rapid response vehicles and staff on hand 24 hours a day to support our staff in any incidents that occur. We also have fully liveried security patrol vehicles for a visible presence at your premises, which is a very effective crime deterrent. All sites we protect will have quality signs erected by ourselves announcing that your premises are protected by KML Security Ltd.

We travel the whole of the UK to fulfil our contracts and we have never had a bad review. All our clients are totally satisfied with our services and return to us over and over again.

Registered Company Number: 11224145